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Aim Field Sports want our website to be accessible to everyone, including those with impairments to:

  • vision – like severely sight impaired (blind), sight impaired (partially sighted) or colour-blind people

  • mobility – like those who find it difficult to use a mouse or keyboard

  • thinking and understanding – like people with dyslexia, autism or learning difficulties

We are working towards providing written text to go alongside our video reviews also for people with hearing difficulties and expect to offer this option to you during 2020.

Features on our website

The general features of our website:


  • We make sure that we use plain English. 

  • We keep our sentences clear and as short as possible.

  • We have made sure that content is structured logically and can be navigated and read by a screen reader. 

  • All abbreviations are explained unless they are in common use, such as VAT, EU or UK. 

  • The website is very straightforward to navigate. 

  • We avoid flashing lights and flickering elements.

  • You can play, pause and stop any moving content.

There is an accessibility options menu on the website.  This offers you clear ways of altering how you can view our pages.  This includes being able to:

  • Increase font size

  • Change the font to a different style

  • Set keyboard navigation instead of using a mouse

  • Highlight links

  • Choose a contrast colour for the whole page if this makes the experience better

Features that you will not find on our website

We recognise that some features can cause real issues for some of our customers so we do not use them:

  • Our website does not use pop-up windows

  • There is no blinking or flashing content

  • We do not use text colours that are difficult to see clearly against the background colour

We would appreciate your feedback as we work to make our website more and more widely usable.  Please let us know your ideas at

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