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AIM Field Sports® is a family business that was started in 2006 by John and Karen Dean. It was founded on the idea of providing top quality, specialist grade tactical shooting accessories that were affordable enough for every kind of shooter – from the hobbyist target shooter to military personnel. It all started with the introduction of the AIM 50 which still remains our flagship rifle case after all these years.

After finding the market was in great need of the equipment AIM Field Sports had to offer, we have continued to innovate and develop new products to meet the requirements of every type of shooter there is. From the FS-42 rifle case which offers an adjustable butt pocket for folding stock rifles to the FT-100 dragbag which is deeper than anything else and fits specialist Field Target rigs, we offer more unique rifle cases than anyone else. Not only that, but our range mats are the widest out there and are 100% waterproof, ensuring that you’re not going to put your knees on the wet ground when you lie down at the firing point.

Not content to sit back on the many industry plaudits we’ve received over the years, we continue to push forward in developing exciting new accessories. We’re always listening to our customers; whether that is at the many trade and retail shooting shows we attend, or at the competitions and club events John goes to. If you have any ideas for improvements to our existing catalogue or think there are areas we’re not catering for, let us know and there is a good chance we will make it! We are an evolving and ever changing brand and we always keep feedback from our customers at the centre of that evolution.

Regardless of which product you purchase – whether that is a dragbag or a cheekpiece – you can be sure of one thing: quality. That is something we’ve always had from day one and we do it better than anyone else.

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