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AIM 40 Tactical Drag Bag

AIM 40 Tactical Drag Bag


The AIM 40 tactical dragbag is ideal for carbine rifles (up to a total max length of 39 inches or 99 centimetres).

Colour: Green
  • Carbines or shorter barrelled rifles are lighter, accurate and easier to manoeuvre in tight quarters than a standard rifle. Used by special-operations soldiers and paratroopers in fast decisive operations and also by hunters in thick wooded settings. The AIM® 40 is designed for these situations. Compact, sturdy and lightweight, it carries the weight of your rifle, optics and all your accessories securely over any distance with a fully adjustable, balanced backpack system. It takes a rifle up to a total length of 39 inches (99 centimetres). To make it 100% waterproof, combine with a small raincover.

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